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Remember the Name -ABD

Sometimes it amazes me how you can be inspired by a simple song.  In this instance, a song by Linkin Park called “Remember the Name” inspired me to write about why branding for your business can be so difficult, yet important.  The lyrics go “This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, Fifteen percent concentrated more »

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What circles are you in?

Have you heard of the saying “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”?   This goes for small business owners too.  Being associated with successful companies implies that you too have been successful in order to be a viable part of that circle.  So I ask you…..are you in the more »

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Brand Stickiness

What makes it so someone remember you above the rest?  Was your encounter with them memorable in some way?  Was it unusual, difficult, happy, sad, funny? Often, people don’t remember what you say but rather how you make them feel.   This is why attention to detail when delivering your product or service is critical.  more »

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Is it Easy to Buy from You?

As a small business owner, I ask why experienced business owners have more success than those who have just started.  Part of the answer lies in how you answer the question “Is it easy to buy from you?”  Have you made it as easy as possible for your client to order from you?  Are you more »

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Writing for Success

When you were in school, you had a certain idea of why you were taught how to write and for what reason.  For small business owners, you may or may not see the value in writing everyday or blogging.  This process of blogging everyday allows you to continue to build your relationship with your audience.  more »

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