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Websties for Contractors

10 Worst Website Mistakes for Contractors

    Ignoring Keywords Keywords are the words or phrases that people search for in order to find an answer to their question. If I live in Denver and am looking to remodel my home, chances are I will be typing “Denver home renovation” or just “home renovation”. Google always assumes your location as part […]

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Top 10 list for why you should use screen ads to promote your business

We’re all busy as small business owners so I’ll cut to the chase.  Why should you use screen ads to promote your business?  Here’s why: 10) Branding – you should always be conscientious of putting your brand out there at multiple venues.  Screen ads are located at many high traffic areas. 9) Easy – It’s […]

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Share Your Story 19

What’s happening with you?

When you are a small business owner, it is important to network.  While mingling, it’s important to tell people how you are doing?  One great icebreaker is always “How’s business going for you?”  In return, people want to know how you are doing too. Communication keeps people involved with your world, your business world.  You […]

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.  Being a visionary is great but being able to adapt the real life situations and how the world is changing can make the difference between surviving and thriving.   Looking at trends is not just for the fashionista….  it’s is for those who want […]

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Innovate from Start to Finish with your Small Business

Many small business owners can classify themselves in categories: visionary, leader, manager, technology guru, website developer, business ninja, etc. but when you are the owner, you have to be a master of different skill sets, including all of those aforementioned.   As the small business owner, when you create, it’s sometimes hard to finish.  When […]

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Success happens when you Surround Yourself with Smart People

Sometimes small business owners ponder what makes sense for their business to be successful.  As time goes on, the answers become easier because your connections grow, your experiences make you wiser but most of all, you surround yourself with smart people.  carefully choosing who you do business with is part of what makes your business […]

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Hey, That’s a GREAT idea!

Ever wonder what is means to have enough time in the day to allow for creativity.  What I mean by this is that sometimes, as small business owners, we think being busy all day, every day will help us achieve our intended business outcomes.  Work Smarter my friends….not harder.  When we are not overbooked, we […]

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10 Steps to 1 million YouTube Views while attracting traffic to your website

This article began with a little bet we made our children. We bet them they could not get 10,000 YouTube views on an original video they created. We even tried sweetening the deal with a prize if they succeed. They made a couple of attempts but were easily discouraged because creating a compelling viral video […]

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Jenny Derry Designs

Jenny Derry Design Inc.

Jenny Derry is one of the premier interior and exterior designers in the South County area.  From Architectural Design to construction management, Jenny Derry and her team of preferred contractors can build you the commercial or residential structure of your dreams.  We still visit Ladera Grill in Morgan Hill regularly, just to see her handiwork.  […]

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Brand Stickiness

What makes it so someone remember you above the rest?  Was your encounter with them memorable in some way?  Was it unusual, difficult, happy, sad, funny? Often, people don’t remember what you say but rather how you make them feel.   This is why attention to detail when delivering your product or service is critical.  […]

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Is it Easy to Buy from You?

As a small business owner, I ask why experienced business owners have more success than those who have just started.  Part of the answer lies in how you answer the question “Is it easy to buy from you?”  Have you made it as easy as possible for your client to order from you?  Are you […]

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Writing for Success

When you were in school, you had a certain idea of why you were taught how to write and for what reason.  For small business owners, you may or may not see the value in writing everyday or blogging.  This process of blogging everyday allows you to continue to build your relationship with your audience.  […]

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