Anderson Construction was looking for a complete redesign for their website.  Located near Calgary, Canada, they found the perfect SEO copywriter for their new site.  Tess Wittler was the ideal choice to create all the new content for their site.  Once again our partnership with Tess allowed us to create an extraordinary site for Anderson Construction.  This site includes a home page services slider, project gallery, and bold design accents that really make their new logo stand out.

Our unique gallery feature is the perfect way for contractors to show off their latest works.  This gallery allows them to show off their latest builds with a complete image gallery for each new job.  The best part is with our Contractors Package, all they need to do is take a few pictures on their phone and send it to us with a quick description of the project.  Our staff then cleans up the images and inserts them into the gallery.  This allows them to build up their portfolio with little or no effort.

Take a look at their new site here.