By now everybody has heard the word but not all know what it means. A blog website is simply a site that has the ability to display content in an ongoing manner and also allows for the option of having readers comment on posts. Websites with blog capability allows for customer feedback, social media interaction, and maximization of the “sharing” of your relevant content but most importantly, invites more people to learn about your products and services through ongoing dialogue.

Why are these types of sites so powerful? Google is always looking for new content. If your competition has a regular website and you have a very similar site with a blog, Google is more likely to send traffic your way if you have recent posts and new content on your site. Our blog sites are 100% WordPress. WordPress is now the industry standard in content management systems for blogs and websites as well.

We have been building WordPress sites for years and also have extensive experience in WordPress plug-in creation and customization.



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