The Pacific Crest Trail spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington.  The PCTA is a non-profit organization run by an amazing group of trail lovers with a mission singularly focused on preserving, protecting and promoting the Pacific Crest Trail.

In 2010 the Pacific Crest Trail Association was looking for a new Ecommerce vendor to handle their full operations including warehousing and pick, pack and ship of their product line.  The main purpose of this Ecommerce effort was to raise money for this non-profit as well as provide a clearing house for maps, field guides, publications and apparel to their members and visitors.

In cooperation with a Sacramento based non-profit, our staff created an enterprise level Ecommerce website to facilitate the distribution of wholesale and retail product sales.  This site was also engineered to promote PCTA membership and donations, which are both accepted online through our secure shopping cart software.

Our unique experiences with creating websites for state and local government agencies has allowed us to use similar technologies to create their very successful Pacific Crest Association Online Store.  Also, our project management expertise allowed us to manage and oversee this project on an ongoing bases for over 4 years.