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Link possibilities

Below are a list of sites that may be able to provide backlinks to your site

To-Do List

This area is where we list all of the detailed strategies that will help you get your site noticed.
-Strategy 1
-Strategy 2
-Strategy 3
-Strategy 4
-Strategy 5
-Strategy 6
-Strategy 7
-Strategy 8
-Strategy 9
-Strategy 10
-Strategy 11
-Strategy 12

Starting Statistics 11/16/2011

Indexed pages: 47
Inlinks to only this URL: 78
Inlinks to Entire Site: 161
Facebook likes: 25
Twitter Followers: 6
Linked In connections: 0

Backlink Equivalents

1 backlink from a PR 6 site =
3 backlinks from a PR 5 site =
18 backlinks from a PR 4 site =
101 backlinks from a PR 3 site =
555 backlinks from a PR 2 site =
3,055 backlinks from a PR 1 site

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Keywords and Key Phrases

Key phrase 1
Key phrase 2
Key phrase 3
Location Key phrase 1
Location Key phrase 2
more if necessary

Website Description

This area is used to display the purpose of your business. One or two paragraphs describing your products or services. It is very important to have this displayed in order to help you keep focused on your targets. Make sure these paragraph includes many of your keywords and key phrases.

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