Last week, we received a call from a customer (yes, we take WordPress support phone calls!) that their website was no longer working properly with Stripe credit card payment processing.  In a nutshell  they are running the following:

  • ThemeFusion, Avada theme
  • WooCommerce
  • Stripe Checkout for payment processing

The problem occurred in the checkout screen.  As usual, WooCommerce requests the customer fill out billing information, but before it can all be entered, the Stripe payment popup appears.  Of course, when you try to fill it out, the process breaks because the billing information is incomplete.  When you try to go back and fill the incomplete information, the popup interrupts the process and does not allow the user to finish entering the information.  Endless cycle begins.

In our attempt to fix the problem, we went through the following steps:

  • Updated WordPress to 3.9.2
  • Updated WooCommerce to 2.1.12
  • Updated Stripe Extension to 2.0.3
  • Updated Fusion Core to 1.4.3
  • Updated Avada to 3.5.3

Although, the updates seemed to have had an effect on the time allowed to enter the billing information, it was still not possible to complete the process, so the cart was still broken.

Our next step was to change the theme to 2014 to make sure it was a theme related issues not WooCommerce.  When using 2014, it worked fine, WooCommerce and WooThemes were off the hook.

We then contacted ThemeFusion support and the immediately saw the error and escellated the issue to their developers.  Unfortunately, the next day we received word that they were not certain of what was causing the conflict and they will “set this on our list for checking it out.”

Well this one doesn’t have a happy ending…yet.  If you have similar issues feel free to provide details in the comments section and we will definitely keep you updated of any developments.


Squeaky Wheel UPDATE:

Looks like the the support guys put some effort into updating the WooCommerce Extension to fix the problem.  The Stripe WooCommerce Extension has been updated to version 2.1.0 which should alleviate all known issues.  We’ll keep you posted if we run into any other problems.