Collaboration within a business and between businesses can lead to increased opportunities and potential growth for all involved.  This is important for small businesses to identify who they need to work with.  For example, a real estate agent needs to have a strong circle of power partners who specialize in mortgage lending, pest control, home inspection, etc.  For our business with, we have identified some strong power partners who have helped us along the way. It’s easy to network, just introduce yourself and right away say, “we buy houses Denver” if you buy houses in Denver and then listen attentively to what they do. That’s it. It usually flows from there or it doesn’t but at least you know who does what.

Chris Hoch is a blogger who started, focused on internet marketing.  For anyone who works with Chris, his growth as a small business owner is predictable.  He will be successful – not only because he is smart and competent but for a very different reason.  He understands how to collaborate with others.  It was John F. Kennedy who said “A rising tide lifts all boats”.   Chris Hoch reflects this better than anyone I have seen.

He creates an environment where the “about me” actually becomes more “about you and me”.  He will often say “You are here hopefully so that I can help you find success.”  This is exactly the kind of partner you’d want to have – someone who has your back.  Someone once told me that if you like someone, you become friends with them BUT if you trust someone, you do business with them.