Guest Blogger, Mark Turner, President / CEO of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce offers his “Best Advice for Small Business Owners”.  Mark Turner is the key executive staff member and oversees the Chamber operations, communications, legislative affairs, and major fund developments.

The best advice I can give to small business owners is, talk to other small business owners. Like you, they are in the trenches everyday dealing with the challenges that come with owning a small business. They can provide encouragement, ideas, strategies and a willingness to celebrate your victories with you. One of the advantages of being a member of the local Chamber of Commerce is we create the opportunity for business owners to connect, develop relationships, and build business prospects.
Other bits of advice I might recommend are:
• Surround yourself with the best team you can assemble. Having the right people on the bus is important, having them in the right seats is even better.
• Success takes discipline, perseverance and effort. Hard work and smart work make a difference in the long run.
• Network whenever and wherever you can. Talking to people can open a door of opportunity. Look for opportunities to help others as well.
• Customer service is king. Take care of the customer or someone else will.
• Follow through on what you say you’re going to deliver. Whether it’s your customer, employee, child or partner, be a man or woman of your word. Reputations are established by one’s ability to do what he or she says they are going to do.