Funny how time flies when you are busy running a business.  We get caught up in the everyday aspects of making sure a business runs smoothly.  It’s hard to find time to reflect, blog about it, talk to others about it when we are busy just doing what needs to get done.   For those of us who are perfectionists and critical evaluators of our own performance, I say – Do what needs to get done every day and that’s enough.  It’s hard to watch people beat themselves up for not being better – for not reaching a certain level by a certain time.  Someone told me yesterday that we have two dates and a dash in between – make the most of the dash.  There’s a quality to your life as well as a quantity.  We need balance and we need to have a sense of progress.  Do the critical 2 – 3 things you need to get done to get your business moving and you’ll see, it will work.  You will then have time to attend to your family, your other obligations, your relationships and it comes full circle.