The longer you are in business, you realize that it is what makes you stand out that makes all the difference.  For example, I’ve heard many times “Oh, I’m in Marketing” or “I design websites” but when you get to the details, you realize what makes you different from your competition.  There are definitely shining examples of what makes for a successful entrepreneur.

  • You listen to people and what matters to them –  This is what business relationships are built on.  Can you listen to what people are telling you?  What elements are most important to your customers?
  • You communicate with people the way they would like to communicate – Some people like phone calls.  Some like text messages.  Others like virtual meetings; some listen in-person meetings.  Yet, others like social gatherings.  Can you meet with people and continue to communicate with people the way they like to respond?
  • You can critically think and problem solve.  It’s in the details.  Once you hear what the concerns are, can you logically get to a point where you can solve a person’s problems.  Are you technically saavy enough to know how to fix a problem?
  • You are reliable and people trust you.  Can you outline the issue, outline the solution and follow through with the plan to resolve the first problem?  Can you do this repeatedly?
  • Your prices for your products and services are reasonable.  Do customers see the value of your time and effort in providing products and/or services?
  • You are unique.  You can offer customer service, problem solving, listening skills, laugh with customers and provide a positive experience.
  • You do what it takes to get the job done.  It’s more than money.  It’s more than trust.  It’s about a relationship that means something to you.

There are many factors for successful entrepreneurs.  These are just a few but if you can focus your time and efforts to honing in on what you do best, making a living as an entrepreneur is quite rewarding.