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What Makes You Stand Out As An Entrepreneur

The longer you are in business, you realize that it is what makes you stand out that makes all the difference.  For example, I’ve heard many times “Oh, I’m in Marketing” or “I design websites” but when you get to the details, you realize what makes you different from your competition.  There are definitely shining […]

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Make Your Website Stand Out.

All business owners need to have an online presence.  E-commerce and online sales are a huge part of business today.  Understanding how your online business works can be complicated but vitally important.   Just like standing out from your main competitors is important, it is just as important to make your website stand out from the […]

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not perfect

Business Blog: More Important to be Present not Perfect

Many business owners fear blogging and social media.  This is because not only is it relatively new but it also involves technology that you may or may not be familiar with.  Guess what?  You don’t have to be perfect.  You can grow into it.  What’s more important is that you are learning and you are […]

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Promotional Gifts for Your Clients – Say Thanks!

In our business world, it is important to acknowledge how important our clients are to us.  The Holiday season is fast approaching and as part of your overall marketing strategy and budget, it is important to plan how you say “Thank You”.  In this very busy world, a little something can go a long way.  […]

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small business

Best Ways for Small Business Owners to Promote their Products and Services

Guest Blogger, Mark Turner, President / CEO of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce offers his “Best Ways for Small Business Owners to Promote their Products and Services”.  Mark Turner is the key executive staff member and oversees the Chamber operations, communications, legislative affairs, and major fund developments. We can all talk about a product we’ve […]

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marketing strategy

Small Business Owners: Marketing Your Business

Marketing is how you let people know about your products and services.  Imagine meeting someone at a coffee shop after you drop your kids off.  As a small business owner, you get out to meet clients at a comfortable third place so you can relax and discuss business.  You meet new people in the process.  […]

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Websties for Contractors

10 Worst Website Mistakes for Contractors

    Ignoring Keywords Keywords are the words or phrases that people search for in order to find an answer to their question. If I live in Denver and am looking to remodel my home, chances are I will be typing “Denver home renovation” or just “home renovation”. Google always assumes your location as part […]

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top ten

Top 10 list for why you should use screen ads to promote your business

We’re all busy as small business owners so I’ll cut to the chase.  Why should you use screen ads to promote your business?  Here’s why: 10) Branding – you should always be conscientious of putting your brand out there at multiple venues.  Screen ads are located at many high traffic areas. 9) Easy – It’s […]

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Share Your Story 19

What’s happening with you?

When you are a small business owner, it is important to network.  While mingling, it’s important to tell people how you are doing?  One great icebreaker is always “How’s business going for you?”  In return, people want to know how you are doing too. Communication keeps people involved with your world, your business world.  You […]

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Innovate from Start to Finish with your Small Business

Many small business owners can classify themselves in categories: visionary, leader, manager, technology guru, website developer, business ninja, etc. but when you are the owner, you have to be a master of different skill sets, including all of those aforementioned.   As the small business owner, when you create, it’s sometimes hard to finish.  When […]

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Hey, That’s a GREAT idea!

Ever wonder what is means to have enough time in the day to allow for creativity.  What I mean by this is that sometimes, as small business owners, we think being busy all day, every day will help us achieve our intended business outcomes.  Work Smarter my friends….not harder.  When we are not overbooked, we […]

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Gilroy Chamber

Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Screen Partner

ABD Promotions proudly welcomes our newest member of the screen partner family.  We have just finished installing two advertising locations at the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce.  What a great opportunity to advertise to all of the local businesses that deal with the Chamber every day. One of the screens is located in the reception area […]

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