When you are a small business owner, it is important to network.  While mingling, it’s important to tell people how you are doing?  One great icebreaker is always “How’s business going for you?”  In return, people want to know how you are doing too.

Communication keeps people involved with your world, your business world.  You don’t have to share every single detail.  It’s an art to be able to share enough so they stay interested – yet not too much or else you run the risk of an “overshare”.    Communication is the fundamental backbone for any social media but mindful that content should be there so it’s real.  Lessons learned, a funny story or a recent good or bad experience makes you memorable.  When people find you interesting and relate-able, they are more likely to remember you – especially when they need the services or products that you provide.

Communication also help build trust.  When you take time to share what matters to you and vice versa, it helps build a strong relationship – business and personal.  People are more likely to do business with someone they trust – and someone they know.

When you go to your next networking event, ask someone “What’s happening with you?”  followed by “How’s business?” and see how it goes.  You’ll engage your mavens, your salespeople and your networkers, the three major types of people in the book “Outliers”.