Why does a small business need Video business cards?  You would think in this age of technology that business cards would be outdated.  Actually, not true.  Business cards help strengthen a relationship that you are trying to cultivate or grow.

It’s important to think about what a business card says about you, according to our expert advisor at www.dxprintingperth.com.au.  Not only does it have your name and relevant contact information, it has your brand, your logo and it gives the customer a reminder of what products or services you offer.  A business card is not a magic bullet.  It won’t sell for you,  it just helps remind the person of who you are and where to go to find our more about you.

We always recommend that not only should the card look attractive, it should be practical and useful.

Does it have your name and contact information?  Do you have your website on there for more information?  Remember, your clients will have different preferences for how they prefer to communicate with you.  Therefore, offering at least a phone number (that you will answer) and a website should be the bare minimum of what you have on there besides your name and business.

Business cards are always an important part of how to market for your business, along with a kick-ass website!

Let us know what you think.  Share with us your stories of how business cards can work for you.