Small business owners are asked “Is your business fun?”  Before you answer that, let me tell you a story.

A young man went to a housing development and wanted to buy a house.  The director of the housing complex asked “What was your previous neighborhood like?”  The young man answered “It was terrible.  The people were not kind.  We did not know our neighbors.  It was not the best.”  The director replied ” Well, it’s the same way here.  You won’t like it.”

Another young man came to the director later that day, also wanting to buy a house in this development.  The director asked him “What was your previous neighborhood like?” This young man answered “It was great.  People were very friendly.  They had BBQs.  People enjoyed each others’ company and we were really good friends.  The director responded “Well you will like it here because it’s the same exact way here.

Did the director lie?  No.  The moral of the story……it is what you make of it! Same goes for your business.  If you love your business, if you have fun – others see that.  On that note….is your website fun but still professional?  Your business image is everything that reflects how your business is run.  Let us know what you think………