As a conscientious small business owner, it’s important to get feedback from your customers and understand what it looks like for the customer’s point of view.  Usually, if you can hear what is most important or solve a problem or crisis, that is the best way to help your customer.

Imagine what would happen if you answered the phone and it went like this “Hi.  ABD Promotions.  How can I help you today?”  How do you think your customer would react?  of course, there are several obvious aspects that go along with this….. 1) you answer your phone 2) you answer in a pleasant voice/tone 3) you are sincerely providing a valuable product and/or service.

Trust helps build your business.  Are you trustworthy?

Skill builds confidence.  Are you specific and technical enough to provide what your customer needs?

Organization helps the day run smoothly.  Are you organized with your time and your projects?  Do you have time to do more?

These are all good questions to ask of yourselves as small business owners so when your customer comes to your door, to your website to call on you, you are prepared.