We’re all busy as small business owners so I’ll cut to the chase.  Why should you use screen ads to promote your business?  Here’s why:

10) Branding – you should always be conscientious of putting your brand out there at multiple venues.  Screen ads are located at many high traffic areas.

9) Easy – It’s quick and easy.  We do the artwork for you if you don’t have it.

8) Inexpensive –  Compared to other forms of advertising, you can’t get a better bag for your buck.

7) Partners – We have the best screen ad partners who are small business owners just like us.  These folks are hand picked who care about promoting the local economy – our local economy.

6) Exposure – Screen ads are shown at least once every ten minutes every day at all locations within a loop.  When people are hanging out at their favorite coffe shop or working out at the gym, they are looking at your ad.

5) Multi-media – Screen ad can be video ads or still screen images.   Most people are visual and screen ads are a great way for people to see what you offer.

4) Website – We post your information on our small business marketing blog to increase exposure to your business and to your website.

3) Internet based – The screen ads are internet based so they can be changed to your specifications and go live quickly and easily.

2) Technology – If you are advertising using up-to-date technology, it shows that you and your business are current to what your customers want and need.

1) Package – You get a great screen advertisements for a reasonable price!


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