Ever wonder what is means to have enough time in the day to allow for creativity.  What I mean by this is that sometimes, as small business owners, we think being busy all day, every day will help us achieve our intended business outcomes.  Work Smarter my friends….not harder.  When we are not overbooked, we allow for enough time for the brain to relax.  This is why sometimes, the best ideas for our business comes when we are in the shower or at an outdoor event or just plainly doing something fun.  In order for growth and progress for our business to become a reality, we first have to allow for the creativity and genius to enter the scene.  This could be from watching an inspirational movie, spending time with a close friend, enjoying family time or on a vacation.  Balance.  That’s when we succeed……when we have balance.

Another inspiration for great ideas is when you are surrounded by talent.  This could be talent from fellow colleagues, partners, or even talent from a completely different field altogether.  There is no special formula for what allows for creativity to come.  Certainly, being open to it helps.  Saying what you want out loud – that helps.  Listening…..instead of talking all the time….another great trait.  All of it put together…..that will make it more likely.   It’s a higher level of consciousness and a better quality of life when we enjoy building our own business.  You know what you want. Go for it!