Many business owners fear blogging and social media.  This is because not only is it relatively new but it also involves technology that you may or may not be familiar with.  Guess what?  You don’t have to be perfect.  You can grow into it.  What’s more important is that you are learning and you are at the table.  You are trying to communicate with others about a field of expertise that you have.  People can be drawn to you for several reasons; perhaps you are personable, relate-able and so people understand where you come from and why you are doing what you do.  Perhaps you have a specific niche that you are an expert at and you can really help people with their problems because you “fix” things.  Maybe someone has worked with you before or they know you from a different scenario and want to work with you because they trust you.  All of these reasons are great reasons to do business with someone.  Blogging and social media is just an extension of what you do and who you are.  That’s why we say – Just be at the table.  You don’t have to be perfect.  Chances are….you won’t be perfect anyway, no matter what you do.  Communication is an art and a science.  There are essential elements to blogging so you can be found, so your website stays fresh with content and so your products and services can be known to others.   When you learn the art and the science of communication, you see blogging and social media are not so difficult.  Just be yourself, be honest and be present.