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Running Your Business Everyday and that’s enough

Funny how time flies when you are busy running a business.  We get caught up in the everyday aspects of making sure a business runs smoothly.  It’s hard to find time to reflect, blog about it, talk to others about it when we are busy just doing what needs to get done.   For those of […]

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not perfect

Business Blog: More Important to be Present not Perfect

Many business owners fear blogging and social media.  This is because not only is it relatively new but it also involves technology that you may or may not be familiar with.  Guess what?  You don’t have to be perfect.  You can grow into it.  What’s more important is that you are learning and you are […]

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Promotional Gifts for Your Clients – Say Thanks!

In our business world, it is important to acknowledge how important our clients are to us.  The Holiday season is fast approaching and as part of your overall marketing strategy and budget, it is important to plan how you say “Thank You”.  In this very busy world, a little something can go a long way.  […]

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marketing strategy

Small Business Owners: Marketing Your Business

Marketing is how you let people know about your products and services.  Imagine meeting someone at a coffee shop after you drop your kids off.  As a small business owner, you get out to meet clients at a comfortable third place so you can relax and discuss business.  You meet new people in the process.  […]

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Daily Bagel Cafe in Morgan Hill

We would like to welcome our newest Screen Partner to our Morgan Hill advertising loop. The Daily Bagel Cafe in the Tennant Station shopping center has been our favorite coffee, bagel and sandwich shop for the longest time, so we are thrilled to have them on our advertising team.  Stop by and get a cup […]

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Cherisse’s Hair Salon in Morgan Hill

Please help us give our newest Screen Partner in Morgan Hill a great big welcome.  Its great to have Cherisse’s Hair Salon on board with our Morgan Hill advertising loop. We loved the idea of working with Cherisse and her staff because of their commitment to their customers and their many contributions to the Morgan […]

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stand out

What makes your small business stand out?

Different businesses stand out for various reasons.  Here’s what we found: 1) CONTENT: If your website or blog contains content that is useful for others to read, you are able to create a following.  Of course, this takes intelligence, diligence and persistence to grow or maintain your following but strong content is king. 2) FRESHNESS: […]

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Small Business Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – Getting to the Top

There no easy answer to Search Engine Optimization.  The fundamentals can be boiled down to the following: Build sites that people want to see Keep content original and fresh Monitor your competition to see what is working for them Incorporate social media to help build a following Cultivate links from external sites to increase popularity […]

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life as a small business

Secrets to a Successful Business

Did you ever wonder what makes some businesses successful and others not so much…… Here are some inside tips on what we’ve learned thus far: Thinking – The way you think makes all the difference.  Do you practice critical thinking?  problem solving?  Are you an optimist? a pessimist? Call it out – What are your […]

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adaptation small business

Adaptation for Small Business Owners

Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg,, Adaptation is a skill that small business owners need to have in order to survive an ever changing world.  In previous blog posts, I have written about becoming the change you want to see in the world.  Your adaptation skills will determine whether or not you can be successful. […]

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Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg,, As small business owners, in order to be successful, we can change.  We should change….for the better every day. In fact, it was Steve Jobs who said ” Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence.” To change means to adjust or modify.  In business, observing carefully to what works […]

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small business

Small Business Goals

Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg,, It is our business to help small businesses succeed but what does success mean?  There is no simple formula but there are simple ways of thinking strategically about how to achieve success for a small business. Here are some tips: 1) Vision – What is your Vision for your […]

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Toot Your Horn: Marketing for Your Business

Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg,, Marketing for your small business can be challenging at times.  In order to be a successful business, one needs to decide how to prioritize how to spend your time.   Jim Rohn once said “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”  This includes the […]

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