Did you ever wonder what makes some businesses successful and others not so much……

Here are some inside tips on what we’ve learned thus far:

  1. Thinking – The way you think makes all the difference.  Do you practice critical thinking?  problem solving?  Are you an optimist? a pessimist?
  2. Call it out – What are your goals for 2012?  Write it down.  Say it out loud.  Put your flag in the sand and say what you want.
  3. Action – What are you doing to realize your dreams and goals?  You can’t get there if you don’t lean towards it.
  4. Teach and Learn – Are you learning something new every day?  Are you teaching others what you learn?  Are you sharing valuable content/
  5. Build  – Are you building your customer base?  your relationships?  your followers?  your connections?
  6. Evaluate – Do this on a regular basis and be critical of yourself in a constructive way.
  7. Talk it through – Are you an effective communicator?  Will you try several times to ensure your message is relayed effectively?  Are you using the right messenger for your message?
  8. Try something new – Experiment.  Innovate.  Re-invent yourself everyday.
  9. Authenticity – Are you true to who you are and who you want to be?  Do you have the courage to be honest and creative, even if it isn’t the easiest way?
  10. Do what you say and Say what you do – Be reliable, dependable, and true to your business.