Marketing on a budget is a topic we discuss with our clients on a daily basis.  You want people to know you are out there providing these wonderful products and services.  How do you do that?  The most economical ways to get your business going is to 1) have business cards ready with your contact information and 2) have a professional website so your customers can see what you offer and learn more about you.   To get a business card created, you must be prepared with a logo, your contact information, your theme (colors, fonts, etc.), business parameters (what you can and can not do within your line of business) and how will you be memorable.  To get a website going, you should have the following prepared; your logo, contact information, theme, description of products and services, professional look, samples of your work and testimonials.  If your line of business is not in logo design, website creation or design services, we recommend that you partner with someone who does that for a living.  Often, we see people who try to save money and do it themselves.   I ask you how you want to spend your time  and usually the answer is selling the products and services that you are good at.  marketing is so important for a business.  As part of our mission, we love helping businesses learn how to network.  Remember, have your business cards and website ready, and go for it!