Blogging is a new phenomenon that allows small business owners to showcase their products and services.  There certainly is power in blogging to help grow your business using the following mechanisms:

1) Content Generation – By showing your passion and expertise in a specific area, you are able to reach your target audience in an inviting, comfortable manner to build a strong, loyal customer base.  Share your knowledge through your blog.  Allow for your blog to be shared widely through Linked in, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and other social media platforms.

2) Connections – Blogging allow you to bring traffic to your website.  By creating inbound and outbound links to other blogs and websites, you create “buzz” about what you offer, especially with those with common interests.  You can also use the content shared in small groups or networks (in-person meetings) to document what you have to offer in your blog.

3) Conversation – Social media is so popular because it allows consumers to actively participate and communicate with those they are buying from.  The small business owner gets feedback directly from consumers building on that honest, transparent relationship that works best for business.  Blog about what is interesting, timely and relevant to your target audience.

4) Counts – You can track the increase in the number of hits, unique visitors, shares, followers, connections, etc.  These numbers all funnel towards your ultimate goal of generating business for your company and branding your company for future new or repeat customers.  Use these metrics to evaluate what works and what doesn’t to make the best use of your time.