Six months ago, Happy Face Spa  in Arvada, Colorado was looking for help standing out in a very competitive outskirt of Denver.  They came to us for help.  We started by building them a completely optimized site that was ready for the search engines to find.  But that was just part of the battle.

At first their website statistics were almost non-existent.

March 2011
-Un-ranked and unlisted by Google organic listings
-Un-ranked and unlisted by Google Places listings
-Yahoo Site Explorer reported only 11 inlinks


Our staff helped them select the best keywords and key phrases for their business and began the site optimization process.  We also assisted editing their website text to prominently display keywords.  After the initial setup our client followed our step by step optimization strategies and within 6 months achieved their goal of first page Google ranking.  But that’s not all.  If our strategies are continued, their site ranking should continue to improve. Web20ranker will help to monitor this process.

Sounds simple?  Well it wasn’t.  We put a lot of time and knowledge of Search Engine Optimization techniques to create a detailed plan for the spa to follow in order to help increase their rankings.  Take a look at a sample SEO LaunchPage™.   Click the following link for more information on our Search Engine Optimization services.