Last week our techs got a call from an new customer in San Jose regarding a recent problem they started experiencing on their heavily customized older version of WordPress.  The were no longer able to access their admin login area.  When trying to access the usual URL, the following error would appear:

[box type=”alert” size=”large”]Fatal error: Call to undefined function: stripos() in /home/WP-LC/wp-lc.php on line 5[/box]

Intimidating huh?  Well it took some snooping but we found the culprit.  It seems that one of their IT guys saw it fit to run an update on their server.  This included updating from PHP 4 to PHP 5.  Sounds like the site should have adjusted for the new version, but you know its never that easy.   Turns out that their site configuration also required a few lines in their .htacess file to ensure that PHP 5 was running.   All is well now and the site is up and running again using PHP 5.