Our recent efforts with the Gilroy Advertising Group help local businesses advertise their services, products, and even special events to the local community in a cost effective and timely manner.  This is better than an expensive newspaper advertisement, and can also be an effective replacement for local billboards or expensive signs.

Within the last 6 months, we have been actively marketing the Gilroy Advertising Group.  Now that it has our undivided attention, we have been able to add over 20 new local advertisements for great Gilroy businesses! Some of which have ranked up to third on top search engines,not too shabby at all! We have also changed the way the our screens are updated – allowing us to keep all of our ads fresh and without any expired dates or past events.  We are also proud to have doubled our local screen partners to 5 multimedia advertisement screens in Gilroy alone.  Our current locations are:

First Street Coffee
Stubby’s Sports Bar & Grill
Hello Gorgeous Hair Specialists
Dutchman’s Pizza
Gilroy Health and Fitness


We are looking for a few good businesses!

Are you a local business owner in the South Bay area?  We are looking for a few new Screen Partners to help grow our ad network in the following locations:

Morgan Hill
Los Gatos

To submit your business for consideration, please fill out our online form.

More information on our local advertising can be found at: Gilroy Advertising