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Getting your small business on social sites and building a strong social media platform can help you gain more customers and ultimately make more sales. However, what specific actions can you perform on social media to drive more sales to your business? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Create Short Videos for YouTubeOne of the biggest social networking sites is YouTube. Its capacity for storing and sharing millions of short video clips seems endless. While it started out as a way for anyone to post their short videos online, it has evolved into a successful social media marketing medium for small and medium business.

    Using the highest video production elements (sound, light, editing), create short videos that you can share with customers and potential customers. There are a wide range of topics you can use for your videos, including:

    • Product demonstration
    • Customer testimonials
    • Manufacturing process
    • Tour of facilities
    • Management interviews

    Keep your finished videos short. An average of 3-5 minutes is sufficient. The best advice is to use a professional video production company to help you create your marketing videos. With your face and product on the internet, you will be better equipped to connect with your customers and guide them toward making a sale.

  2. Use Twitter to Drive Website Traffic

    Your Twitter account is a useful social media marketing tool to get visitors to your website or even a landing page. However, rather than “cry wolf” on Twitter, don’t send your followers to your website every hour of every day. Make it a special reason. Are you having a special sale? Perhaps a closeout special? Did you post a new informative article? Those are the times to drive traffic to your website. Having something new and exciting on your business website gives your followers reason to click your link – and it gives you good motivation to continually update your website as well.

  3. Gather Valuable Market ResearchOne way to drive sales is your constant attention to improving your product or delving into new product development. Of course, obtaining valuable market research is of vital importance in this area. Many small to medium businesses use Facebook and other similar networking sites as a social media marketing research tool.

    Once you have a substantial following of fans on Facebook, you can pose questions and ask opinions. Facebook users love to comment and share their ideas. Ask about how your product could be improved. Post an update questioning whether your Facebook fans would consider buying a new product. You might even use Facebook followers as a test base, offering a free test product for their opinion. This gives you valuable information about your customer opinions about products and services.

    Having a social media strategy for marketing and driving sales is a smart move, both for your branding endeavors and your overall sales. Getting an early start on building a social media profile will give you the social media tools later to drive business to your store or website.