A small business owner can sometimes feel like s/he is in a boat in the big ocean all by him/herself.  They say when you have time to reflect, two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.  Interesting how perspective can sometimes change how we see the world.  As a small business owner, I used to think that it was crazy that I worked so hard to get a Masters degree with over 20 years of work experiences, peer review publications, etc etc and when it all boils down to it…..someone has to maintain the business and someone still has to cook, clean, vacuum, etc.   As I get older, I no longer resent cleaning (I used to hate it!).  Now, I see it as an opportunity to keep things orderly in my house….sort of a personal gift to myself.  I used to think – why bother?  it gets messy almost immediately, especially with a house full of guys.  Yes, as time passed by, I realized, I was the only one bothered by it when the house was a wreck….so I started doing it for myself.   For business, it’s the same thing.  No one will know or even care if you can or can not turn a profit.  How do you make others care about your business?  Simple.  Start caring about what is important to them.  Business relationships, friendships, all of it takes time and effort on both parts.  It starts just by caring.  This continual definition of who you are and what matters to you, helps to share with your customers what you do and the process by which you go about it.  Define who you are and then, don’t be afraid to show the world.