Why do people do business with some people and not with others?  Is it competency, clear expectations, timeliness, friendship or perhaps plain and simple – because they trust you?  Perhaps all of the above?  Well, the challenge for many small business owners is showing folks the reason for why they need to work with you.

Here’s an example that comes up over and over again.  A client will say “Well, I can do business with someone else because they offer what I need at a cheaper rate.”  My answer to that will always be “Do you know what you are paying for?”  It is easy to shop around and get a cheaper rate but are you getting a cheaper quality product or service in return?  Investigating what makes a product or service better will be half your battle.

Another unspoken piece of the puzzle is “Do you choose to  work with people who can help solve your problems?” For example, a hair stylist wants to get a website.  Her expertise is hair, not web design.  She can go with a cheaper alternative or she can hire a web designer for a reasonable price and get a professional webpage that will show her offerings and more information about her business.  If she wants to have e-commerce for hair products or showcase her services through her work, the website can clearly sell it for her.

Choose to buy from people who are competent, timely, helpful and problem solvers.  This is how you build the foundation of a good business.