It’s All in a day’s Work.  At the end of each day, do you feel that you’ve accomplish anything as a small business owner?  Sometimes it can be overwhelming what needs to be done in order to get to where you want.

One step can make all the difference.  We’re not talking necessarily about a fork in the road where taking one way of the other will affect the direction of your life.  No…. We’re talking about focusing on progress, not perfection.

Too often, we are afraid to delve into a new arena because it is foreign or we are not “the experts” in that field.  Actually, anyone can be an expert when given enough time, direction and energy towards that goal. Small business owners often tell us the following:

      • I don’t have enough time to learn more about Social Media – Well, it’s not rocket science and business does occur as a result of widening your circles of influence.  Pick the platform that you are most comfortable with and see if it’s right for you: Twitter ,Linked In,  YouTube, Facebook ABD, Facebook GPP, Foursquare, Google+  
      • I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do – Time is limited so we need to prioritize what is most important.  Pick the 2-3 most important asks to be completed each day and get those done first.
      • I don’t need to spend time or money on Marketing – It is important for people to know what products and services you offer.  Without strategic planning for how to market your business, you are not growing.  You are either green and growing or ripe and rotten.

Ask yourself each day, what have I completed today that will get me closer to where I want or need to be?  It’s All in a day’s Work.