Mentoring usually involves at least two parties: the senior mentor and junior protege.  This has nothing to do with age but rather experience.

Why do I need a mentor?

With a small business, this can prove to be valuable for many reasons.  As a protege, you can gain by developing your professional identity.  Through skill enhancement, professional growth and consistent progress over time, these all allow for a stronger likelihood that your business will thrive.

Why should I be a mentor?

We all have a skill that we have perfected.  By teaching others, we can share that knowledge with others.  We also take on the role as a leader and provide educational support.  There are many other skills that we can learn.  By teaching, we begin the process of giving, and in turn learning too!

We have been fortunate to have wonderful mentors in our lives.  These are the folks we want to surround ourselves with ….Genius only matched by Kindness.