Marketing for your business can be challenging.  It’s hard to find the time, the energy and the inspiration to continue to brainstorm about what to do next for your business.  Allowing yourself time to develop and grow your business is key.   Here are 50 ways to do that.

  1. Strategize about what you want to achieve
  2. Network in Large and Small groups
  3. Join your local Chamber of Commerce
  4. Find like minded business owners who will promote you and vice versa
  5. Find your followers
  6. Join an organization
  7. Give as part of a charity
  8. Read blogs
  9. Be active with social media
  10. Meet up with your family and friends for feedback and ideas
  11. Find/contract businesses that could serve as a continuum of the services you offer
  12. Read business magazines
  13. See what your competition is doing
  14. Watch the BIG corporations and see what they do successfully
  15. Identify your milestones and tell your staff, colleagues, friends, and partners.
  16. Blog about what you are doing
  17. Update your profiles on all social media outlets
  18. Talk to everyone who will listen about what you LOVE to do
  19. Incorporate your work with trendy and seasonal issues
  20. Share content that is related to your industry
  21. Talk to people about what they are doing
  22. Open up to become inspired by those around you
  23. Take breaks and get a different perspective
  24. Branch out into areas that are consistent with your are(s) of expertise
  25. Focus in on what you what to showcase
  26. Evaluate what you do right and what you can improve
  27. Learn something new everyday
  28. Attract the right clients
  29. Develop multiple outlets for marketing your business
  30. Be flexible to communicate and meet with people with their most comfortable mechanism for communication (email, text, phone, in-person)
  31. Work on massive visibility and credibility
  32. Become an expert at what you do
  33. Develop sustainable ways to market for yourself
  34. Convert leads to clients and clients to repeat clients
  35. Increase conversations with targeted groups
  36. Create fans that advocate for you
  37. Experiment with what works and what doesn’t
  38. Stretch your imagination  once you have balance with your life and your work
  39. Let creativity be something you welcome into your marketing plan
  40. Branch out to different geographic areas
  41. Identify your target groups and think of different ways to increase communication
  42. Let the pictures do the talking and showcase your work
  43. Gather and document testimonials from your clients
  44. Revisit why you continue to work in this sector of business and inspire others with stories you have to share
  45. Keep the “fun” element in your work
  46. There is no substitute for hard work and persistence
  47. Be authentic with your marketing and sales as people do business with those they trust
  48. Do your best work everyday
  49. Know what your limits are
  50. Push yourself to be better everyday