Sometimes, it’s hard for people to get themselves out there and market for their business.  Especially for small and medium sized businesses, they want to focus on selling their products and services.  How do you get your name out there though?

Share What You Know.  If you sell tires, share your knowledge of them – with the width and depth of your knowledge base, you can share valuable  information with your customers.

Tailor Your Conversation.  When a customer has been heard by you, and you respond with an answer that speaks to what they are talking to you about, a relationship begins.  Problem solvers and decision makers are usually great business people because those skills sets involve listening, analyzing, and tailoring a response verifying that your are an expert and trustworthy.

Follow Through.  When someone asks you a question about a product or service you offer, follow through.  Those who are diligent and persistent – those who follow through are the ones who maintain good relationships.  Good for business.  Good for life.

Partner Up.  When you mix and mingle with other people at networking events, large or small, share what you know.  Usually the 1 -3 minute version is a good thermometer to see if there is interest.  If a conversation ensues, again, tailor it so that there is back and forth – not a one-way street.  Listen and learn.  The ones with vested interest are usually the ones you will have more success partnering up with.  A natural relationship would be for a realtor and a mortgage broker from  Look around for those you want to work with.  There may be a whole array of people in a certain professional but who shares the same values, who works hard, who is technically proficient, who do you want to see seduce as much as they would like for you to succeed?

Write About It.  Writing about what you know is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and share common interests with others.  This could be as formal as published papers or it can be through a Blog or perhaps through updates and posts on social media.  Write and share what is happening with you and what you know.