Seems the Holiday season is fast approaching!  At this time, a small business needs to ramp it up.  Fewer days to get more done but there is lots to be thankful for.

Here are some tips for the Holiday Season:

  • Be Prepared:  There are many opportunities to celebrate with existing and new clients.  Every encounter with someone is an opportunity to showcase what products and services you have to offer.  By doing your homework, you are prepared for these moments.
  • Be Personable:  The Holiday Season can sometimes be stressful with so much going on.   Remember what you learned in Kindergarden – Be nice and Smile.  Happy, personable people are attractive inside and out.
  • Be Organized:  This is the time to really KNOW what you have on your calendar.  If you have open spaces and room for more business, know when your free slots of time are.  If you are completely booked for two weeks straight, think of ways to reasonable welcome business that you can handle.
  • Be Giving:  The Holidays are a great time to remember that we should give and help others.  Many people are afraid to ask for help and may not have the skills to fix a problem that you can.  Open yourself to opportunities where you can give…’s like a boomerang.  It comes back to you when you least expect it.  This is being a good person and being a smart business person.
  • Be FUN:  Are you enjoying what you do?  Are you having fun and living the way you really want to be living?  It shows in ways you may not realize.


From our family to yours – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  We are always here to help small businesses.