“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” ~Henri Frederic Amiel.

It is this time of year that we are reminded to be thankful and grateful for the gifts we have been given.  This translates not only in our personal lives but in our professional lives as well.  We are truly grateful for a successful business that continues to prosper.  Our business is not only a way to serve others but also a means to lead a fruitful and productive life.

When you lead with gratitude and thanks, you attract people who are just like that.  It is in serving that we receive.  By helping small businesses prosper, we also prosper.   Being thankful is starting with the words.  Being grateful is continuing on with the acts of kindness and servitude.  When we take time to reflect, all successful businesses have something to be thankful for.  It is at this time of year that we a re reminded but it is every day of the year, we should remember, businesses prosper when you have clients who support you.

One of my favorite books written is “The Thank You Economy” by Gary Vaynerchuk.  This well written book captures the essence of how businesses become successful and really goes into servant leadership at its best.  By combining passion and business, he was able to truly understand how to reach his customers and stay in touch with them.  Being thankful is a way of life, not just one or two acts.  He discovered a whole different way to market to people – by serving them well.  When people have problems and you respond with intelligence and kindness, who wouldn’t remember that?  Who wouldn’t be a loyal customer after that – especially when it happens time and time again?

We are grateful to be able to have a business where we continue to serve others and see more than profits.  We built partnerships, good business practices, customer relationships, referrals, networks, repeat business and success over time.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  Enjoy your Holiday.