Amazing how we work with people everyday and when we meet them, they share what their specialty is, what their passion is…. We love our work because we get to learn so much about what others do for a living.  What’s missing, however, is the ability to translate their skills and expertise into writing.  Posting a little bit everyday about your work in a blog really helps keep your website fresh and content rich.  Why aren’t folks doing this more?  First of all, people may or may not know the importance of sharing their expertise online and how this can help grow their business exponentially.  Next, they may be an expert at something but may not feel as comfortable writing about it.  Our solution is to either begin slowly and write a little at a time or hire someone to do it for you.  Finally, getting to a place where it becomes second nature to blog is the next phase.  To some, it may be difficult to blog.  To others, they love it and really don’t see it as work at all.  All in all, if blogging becomes a valuable way to bring more folks to your website, then it will become an easy way to communicate with your customers about what you love to do.