While I’ve written posts about blogging before, I believe it is time to talk about it again as it certainly has so many benefits, especially for businesses who are heavily reliant on online business.  Who would have thought a day would come where people from all over the world could order your products and services through an online store or website? When done correctly, most stores now have storefront opportunities AND online opportunities for sales.  So, why talk about blogging….. Blogging helps to converse with an audience that you may not have had the opportunity to converse with before.  People are social beings.  Many people crave information and seek content to help them with their businesses Blogging allows that to happen by sharing information they have learned and interacting with potential and existing customers.   Blogging is a piece of the puzzle to help people find your website so you can start talking about the products and services you offer.  It also allows for you to match up with business partners who have similar goals to yours.  Blogging is a way to catch up with people and let them know you are a business that continues to grow, learn and flourish.