Ask me if your business is a success and I will respond by asking what you do each day to grow your business.  The time and effort it takes to be successful lies in the planning and actions you take everyday.  Sounds easy?  Not at all.  Sounds simple?  Yes, but simple is not necessarily easy.  Focusing on what activities and tasks will give you a return on your investment is just half the battle.  The other half is actually getting those things done.  It is, however, extremely rewarding to say the very least when it works for you.  Part of entrepreneurship is taking time to experiment regarding what works and what doesn’t.  When many of us went to college or post graduate school, the Internet was not invented and yet, many businesses have been extremely successful online.  Adaptation and changing with the environment certainly helps.

Take some time and think about what will work for you.  What are your goals and how can you achieve them through daily tasks?  People have said “chunking it down” helps to break down what can seem like an overwhelming goal.  Asking around helps too.  Others have encountered similar challenges and you really don’t have to re-invent the wheel when someone else has solved that problem before.  Be SMART (specific, measurable, attributable, realistic and time-framed) when creating you goals and chunk down the tasks everyday to get to the place you want to be.