The PE teachers at our local middle school were looking to raise funds to help support the Cross Country program of their school. Although the primary goal was fundraising, they were also looking for a way to keep the kids from leaving plastic water bottles all over the field.

Their ingenious solution was to create a school logo aluminum water bottle. They convinced the school to buy 150 of them and are selling them to the students to help promote school pride while raising funds for the PE program and helping keep the school clear of disposable water bottles. Oh yea, its also an eco-friendly solution!

By the way, when we delivered the order to the PE coaches, we made sure to include a few complimentary permanent silver markers. This way the kids could write their name on them.

These awesome water bottles are well under way to selling out at the student price of $10 per bottle. Take a look at our pricing, to see how much money you can fundraise for your cause using this same idea.