When running a small business, marketing is critical.  How do you stay on the radar so others are aware of your products and services?  Networking is the answer.   Knowing who your partners are, knowing which businesses will benefit when you benefit and knowing who your customers are will help with how you should network.  Do you want local clients?  If so, I ask, are you networking locally?  Are you involved with your local Chamber of Commerce?  Do you want national clients? I ask you, do you have a website so people can find you and is your SEO solid?  Do you want repeat customers?  If so, I ask you to closely examine your customer satisfaction and your relationship building process with your customers.  Networking is more than just going out socially and/or professionally.  It is about targeting your actions so they are linked to the outcomes you’d like for your business.  Also examining your comfort level with one-to-one encounters, small groups and big groups to see what has more return on your investment and what you see to be beneficial to building your business.  Let us know what works for you.   Last question I always ask is —- are you having fun?  We are!