Written by: Cheryl Ellemberg, www.abdpromotions, www.gilroypromo.com

Meeting people everyday is fun.  Interacting and understanding where people come from, seeing different perspectives, listening to their stories…..Most especially, having a strong “tribe” or support system, especially when times get tough.

One characteristic I’ve come to appreciate the most is Authenticity – being true to who you are.   Having gone from being an immigrant from the Philippines, to living in New York for 30+ years and now enjoying my life in California, I have had many wonderful encounters with people who are authentic to who they are and what they are meant to be.    It takes courage and strength to truly be who you are.

As one who LOVES to read books, I have been reading Thank You Economy and Crush it, both by Gary Vaynerchuk.  He is a fine, living, breathing example of being authentic!  His books talk about being open and honest, accessible to your customers, and most of all, not afraid to show who you are.

I’ve often said that you will make friends and you will get customers if you are authentic, honest, and accessible.

Life is too short to waste time. Spend each day wisely. Enjoy!