YOLO.  You Only Live Once.  So I ask you……Do you LOVE what you do?  Some people call it passion.  I think it is even more than that.  People say you communicate with all that you do – verbal, body language, attitude and most importantly, your actions.  What makes one person more successful than the other? It’s more than passion.  It’s more than hard work.  It’s more than vision.  It’s a combination of all of those – but it boils down to – Do you love what you do?  If the answer is “yes’, then working as many hours as it takes to be successful is not an issue.  People who love their work are usually successful at it because they keep working at it everyday – regardless of if it is a weekday, weekend, holiday, etc.  Commitment and dedication shows.  There certainly is a different level of satisfaction when you set out to do something you truly enjoy.  Do you love what you are doing everyday?