When you were in school, you had a certain idea of why you were taught how to write and for what reason.  For small business owners, you may or may not see the value in writing everyday or blogging.  This process of blogging everyday allows you to continue to build your relationship with your audience.  If you have an expertise, writing about it help gets the word out that you offer specialized products or services.   It also helps keep your website fresh and up to date.  Having a unique blog shows the world that you are different and there is someone on the other end of your website who is ‘on-the ball’ and attentive to what is going on.  Writing for your business is meaningful work.  It helps you express to others why your products and services are needed by many others.  It also helps offer a continuum for communication.   Although it may seem intimidating or even a daunting task to write each day, it actually becomes a natural extension of your business, once you see its value.  Just as exercising helps keep your body fit and eating healthful helps keep you in shape, writing about your expertise helps you market the great offerings you have as a small business owner.