As a small business owner, I ask why experienced business owners have more success than those who have just started.  Part of the answer lies in how you answer the question “Is it easy to buy from you?”  Have you made it as easy as possible for your client to order from you?  Are you organized?  Do you have a track record for being successful in your line of business?  Are you a critical thinker and problem solver?  Do you help your customers?

Other questions to ask yourself are:

1) Do you reach your customers in the ways they prefer to communicate? text, phone, email, snail mail, social media, etc.

2) Do you think of new and different ways to make a ‘yes’ a ‘yes’?  That means when a customer is at your doorstep or your website, do your leads become sales?  Have you thought through your process so it is easy to buy from you?

3) How do you choose?  Are you choosing products and services that are easy for you to offer and deliver?

4) What are you doing that makes you above the rest?  Do you know what your competitors are offering?

5) How do you rank using any metric you find useful – YELP, Klout, bottom dollar sales, profits, Return on Investment, etc?

Think about new and different ways to make your process better and easy for your customers so they buy AND they come back.

customer loyalty