What makes it so someone remember you above the rest?  Was your encounter with them memorable in some way?  Was it unusual, difficult, happy, sad, funny? Often, people don’t remember what you say but rather how you make them feel.   This is why attention to detail when delivering your product or service is critical.  Also, customer service comes into play because as business owners, we want repeat customers.

Brand stickiness is important.  Why did you choose your brand name?  Is it meaningful in some way to you but more importantly – to your customer?  When hear that brand name, does it stir up an idea in your head, a memory of some sort?  Brand stickiness is important to focus on when keeping your business ‘on the radar’ for your customers.  When there is a need for products of services that you offer, will they automatically think of you?  Do you have a loyal following that could help promote your brand because they are completely satisfied with what you have done for them.

To have brand stickiness, you also need ‘stick-to-it’iveness.  What does that mean?  Do you work at what you do every day regardless of what day it is?  Do you have enough endurance and stamina to keep working at your business so you don’t stop until it is successful.  Sometimes, we need to re-invent ourselves along the way and modify so we are changing for the better.  It’s the natural evolution of your business.

Just ask yourself;

1) Is your brand sticky and memorable?

2) Do you have the ‘stick-to-it” mentality to make your business successful, and

3) What else do I need to do to make each day better than the day before for my business?