Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg, www.abdpromotions.com, www.ABDwebsiteDesign.com


How do you help small businesses grow?  Successful businesses continue to strengthen their technical expertise, broaden their audience reach and evolve to the needs of their customers.  It is so important to understand what your clients are asking for so they can be successful in achieving their business goals.  When businesses can connect passion with purpose, providing valuable needed services and products, this is when the magic begins.



Using various mechanisms to stay in front of your customers is a skill on its own.

Networking is essential. With face to face meetings, pass out your business cards.  Give them marketing materials with your website information.

Social Media is not a fad.  It is an essential way for businesses to communicate.

Social media is about:

  • Engagement,
  • Listening,
  • Communication, and most of all
  • Relationship Building.

Twitter , Linked In , YouTube, Facebook ABD , Facebook GPP, Foursquare, Google+

These should all be ways you are reachable.


Are you transparent?  Customers work with people they know and trust.

Are you accessible?  Your audience needs to know how to reach you easily.

Will you grow and learn as time goes on?


Audiences are demanding content rich, valuable and timely information that is useful to them.


Are you someone people want to get to know?