Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg, www.abdpromotions.com, www.gilroypromo.com

Recently, we had a rare opportunity to take a vacation.  As a small business owner, sometimes just finding time and money to get away is the main challenge.

Funny enough, as we were still posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In, a good friend of ours said “You have to try the malasadas while you are the island of Kauai.”  As someone who tried to live a relatively healthy lifestyle, wasn’t so sure about these “fried doughnut holes” but figured, while here might as well try them.   How could we find the best malasadas on the island?  We used Yelp.

Here we experienced first hand the importance of being found on Google or Yelp!   If you Google “Kauai malasadas” you will find 28 reviews about these malasadas with directions!  As we followed those directions, we looked everywhere for the place.  We read on with the Yelp reviews and saw that someone had written “You can’t miss it, its only 5 ft away from the K Mart entrance. ”  It was in the Kmart parking lot!

All in all, here was an example of how word-of-mouth marketing and referrals work best using technology that is now available to us as lone as you have a smart phone and internet access.  We did the same to find the best shaved ice, local farmers markets and local food establishments.






From the team at www.abdpromotions.com, www.gilroypromo.com