Lyme Disease Awareness

Recently, we have had the privilege of working with a partner, Deb Gutierrez, founder of  Her story is amazing, a true story that she shares in hopes of helping others to understand Lyme disease and its associated symptoms.  We have really never met anyone like her.  She inspires and encourages others to be vigilant […]

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Running Your Business Everyday and that’s enough

Funny how time flies when you are busy running a business.  We get caught up in the everyday aspects of making sure a business runs smoothly.  It’s hard to find time to reflect, blog about it, talk to others about it when we are busy just doing what needs to get done.   For those of […]

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What Makes You Stand Out As An Entrepreneur

The longer you are in business, you realize that it is what makes you stand out that makes all the difference.  For example, I’ve heard many times “Oh, I’m in Marketing” or “I design websites” but when you get to the details, you realize what makes you different from your competition.  There are definitely shining […]

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Modern Dark Electric Business Card

Two Sided, High Resolution Business Cards 5 Colors included Completely editable PSD files 350 DPI – High Resolution well organized color coded PSD layers 3.6” x 2.1” size includes Bleed area Carbon Fiber background with glowing elements Includes metallic layer effects to easily convert your logo These business card templates can be purchased directly from […]

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Terra Verde Foods Slider

Terra Verde Foods was looking for a way to display an item from each of the six main product categories.  Our slider solution allowed them to do this while keeping to the style of their website.  Since the slider is so easy to use, they can always update it themselves if they want to feature […]

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Unravel Pediatric Cancer Slider

The creation for the Unravel Pediatric Cancer website was very dear to our heart.  We were looking for a great way to attract attention towards the cause of creating awareness of childhood cancer.  The home page consists of two Slider Revolution sliders.  The first one is obvious as it displays important statistics over a glitter […]

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ABD Promotions

As you can imagine, we used our skills to prepare a Revolution Slider for our own website.  This slide show uses over 30 custom backgrounds and transparent png files to create the illusion of a blueprint, white board and chalk board.  Each of the pages has multiple layers and transitions to provide dimension to each […]

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Differentiate Yourself – Go from Zero to One

Amazing.  As a small business owner, I read the book “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel about entrepreneurship.  One most important point was to differentiate yourself from your competition.  What is it about your business that makes you stand out? It takes some time before you can truly understand what makes you different than others.  […]

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WooCommerce Views

Looks like the developers of WooCommerce Views have been caught um…not developing.  It seems that running WooCommerce Views V 2.1 prevents the shopping cart from getting to the order confirmation page, even though the order is processed properly.  This was causing our customers to receive orders 4 and 5 times each.  Error details below: This […]

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Share Your Story 10

Share What You Know

Sometimes, it’s hard for people to get themselves out there and market for their business.  Especially for small and medium sized businesses, they want to focus on selling their products and services.  How do you get your name out there though? Share What You Know.  If you sell tires, share your knowledge of them – […]

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