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Susie Haddock – Intero

Susie Haddock can meet your real estate needs, regardless of if you are selling or buying.  Save your buying power and your credit score.  From loss modifications to short sales, she can help you avoid foreclosure.  Call her for a free and confidential consultation at (408) 840-7407 or email her at

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Happy Holidays – Speaking from the Heart

We are upon the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season.  With Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the past, we are now focusing on making sure that our small businesses reach our target audiences, to let them know about our products and services.  During this Holiday Season, I encourage you all to take a […]

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happy holidays small businesses

Small Businesses – Prepare for the Holiday Season

Seems the Holiday season is fast approaching!  At this time, a small business needs to ramp it up.  Fewer days to get more done but there is lots to be thankful for. Here are some tips for the Holiday Season: Be Prepared:  There are many opportunities to celebrate with existing and new clients.  Every encounter […]

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Toot Your Horn: Marketing for Your Business

Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg,, Marketing for your small business can be challenging at times.  In order to be a successful business, one needs to decide how to prioritize how to spend your time.   Jim Rohn once said “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”  This includes the […]

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Helping Small Businesses Grow

Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg,,   How do you help small businesses grow?  Successful businesses continue to strengthen their technical expertise, broaden their audience reach and evolve to the needs of their customers.  It is so important to understand what your clients are asking for so they can be successful in achieving their business […]

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South Valley CPR Training

Villilon CPR of Hollister, California asked us to put together a website for them.  We incorporated created a custom menu structure that allows the viewer to easily go through the list of services.  We also touched up the logo and isolated images of the CPR trainers.  The new logo and images were also incorporated into […]

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Bostock Chiropractor, Gilroy CA

Malasadas anyone? The importance of being found online.

Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg,, Recently, we had a rare opportunity to take a vacation.  As a small business owner, sometimes just finding time and money to get away is the main challenge. Funny enough, as we were still posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In, a good friend of ours said “You have […]

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Fools Gold or the Real Thing

Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg,, How can you tell when you meet someone if it’s the real thing?  Today, you can meet someone over the internet, through social media, or you can see someone locally at the store, etc.  In fact, there are more opportunities to meet people but how do you know it’s […]

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Starting a Small Business

Written By: Cheryl Ellemberg,, About 14 years ago, one of the most challenging yet rewarding endeavors we have pursued was to start our own small business online.  For two generations before me, my parents and my grandparents started their own businesses with much success. Opening a small business online, however, was entering into […]

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Partners are Important for the Success of Your Business

Written by: Cheryl Ellemberg,, Why are partners so important for the success of a small or medium-sized business?  Having worked with many different businesses, we realized that farming out certain tasks is important.  No one individual can do everything.  Small businesses usually choose the niche they are in because they have some expertise, […]

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